We design bottles, jars, blow moulding forms, injection moulding forms and machines.

Machine design

We specialise in the design and manufacture of packing, blow moulding and auxiliary (tightness testing units, transporters, etc.) machinery.

Form design

The demanding market and increasing competition are forcing manufacturers design creative packaging in relatively short periods of time. In meeting our customers’ expectations head on, our company provides the design of bottles, jars and the manufacture of tools required for their production using professional CAD/CAM software


Production process, using the manufacture of a blow moulding form as an example:

  • Stage 1 - Preparation of a CAD model according to customer specifications
  • Stage 2 - Design approval based on drawings or a 1:1 model
  • Stage 3 - Preparation of a CAD blow moulding form design
  • Stage 4 - Processing of form element manufacturing technologies using CAM software
  • Stage 5 - Manufacture of a blow moulding form


T-1000 tightness testing unit

Tests tightness of bottles and automatically removes faulty items; The control system includes a precise pressure transmitter to test bottles within the scope of microleakages.

Application: in conjunction with PK-1200-800 table and as an independent device.

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